One of the biggest perks of living in Southern California is the climate – temperatures are comfortable year-round, and sunny weather can be found while the rest of the country deals with winter.

It’s no wonder that so many companies choose to operate out of Southern California. With an increased quality of life for employees and easy access to the major metropolitan areas of the country and the world, California has surged in popularity for everything from tech to finance to art businesses and beyond.

So it wouldn’t make sense to have your commercial offices hidden away from all of the comforts of the surrounding environment, would it?

If you’re lacking in outdoor space that can be useful for your employees, it’s time to get creative and make some. Forget needing a lawn or ground-level footage; your commercial office can have its own green rooftop space which will allow employees and clients to get outside to enjoy California’s beauty.

Your roof deck is probably sitting there as unused space. With the addition of some artificial grass and outdoor furniture, it can quickly be converted into an enjoyable retreat. If your employees bring their pets to work on a regular basis, you can even set up a pet relief station where furry friends can relieve themselves out of the way.

More than anything, artificial grass won’t hurt your roof deck, but instead, will quickly transform it into additional square footage for your commercial building. Plus, you’ll get the benefit of added insulation for indoor spaces, which means interiors will always be comfortable, no matter the outdoor temperature.



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